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There are only 3 Ways to Grow Your Blog Business

Hey, I want you to keep in mind that I’m selling my ebook and starting my new membership blogging bootcamp very soon… You should already know that anyway if you are one of my subscribers. Here’s what you’ll learn: 1. Choose ONE model 2. Create ONE simple plan The best thing you can do to your […]


Here’s How to get your blog to the next level 2

Hey,  I’m preparing a step-by-step guide on starting and growing your blog business. You see, it’s well worth over $497 worth of profit producing online marketing information and training I’m goingto give you over the coming weeks via this blog and the upcoming newsletter and perhaps video series on my brand new youtube channel. In this awesome tutorial (it’s […]


Welcome to Blogging LEAP!

This is a test, you should always be blogging, but not that much actually because you also should have a life. May be you are married or you have a family, or maybe you just like birds? Anyway, are you blogging for a hobby or for real? Please let me know because if you don’t […]