Do you want to start a blog?

Want more traffic? More email subscribers? 

Do you want to start a successful online business with a blog? 

Or perhaps you already have a blog, but you are confused, overwhelmed, and don't know what to do next?

Or maybe you don't have enough time to run your blog business?

If yes, Blogging Leap can help...

How Blogging Leap can help you?

Well, my main focus at Blogging Leap is to help you turn your blog into profits with traffic generation and email marketing, even if you have no experience, no list, a limited budget and you are short on time.

Today, if you want to be successful online, you should treat your blog like a real business. You need to start on the right foundations with a plan and the right business mindset.

Remember Pareto 80/20 rule? 20% Blogging and 80% marketing & business. 

This is the right approach in 2019 and beyond.

Blogging Leap can help start, grow and monetize your blog with highly personalized training and coaching.

Why should you listen to me anyway? 

Great question. I'm like you, I know how you feel right now because I've been in your shoes. plus I've built two six-figure businesses from scratch.

I started my Internet journey in 2006 on a shoestring budget, no contacts, no name, and no online marketing knowledge, but I was 100% determined to succeed (I'm a fighter, I have a strong mindset). 


On of my first blogs in 2006 - A free blogger blog on Self Defense

Against all odds, I managed to build a six-figure business online, and I also helped hundreds of students from all over the globe get their blog business off the ground.

In fact, back in 2007/8, when others were creating websites with Dreamweaver, Xsitepro, Site build it, Nvu and other website builders, I was making a killing in Google with my blogs which were way more powerful than static websites.

There wasn't a lot of information available and no video tutorials at all (youtube was a newborn), and creating a webpage or even a simple optin form would take me days.

I was confused, overwhelmed by the conflicting information available, and tired... plus my wife was wondering what the heck I was doing in front of the computer day and night?

In 2006, I  made my first affiliate commission in the Forex market ($250.00). And after a lot of trials, failures, stress, and patience, I made around $3,000 my second year. 

I then earned a little more than $11,400 in 2008, and in 2009, my online business generated more than $50,000 in revenue. By 2011, my online business reached $100,000 in sales with affiliate marketing, email marketing, blogging, and SEO.

Long before I got started online, I was an entrepreneur. As a teen, I was always searching for a way to make money. I already knew that a normal 9-5 job wasn't for me.

I've had some small success mostly selling foods and drinks... ​

I'm a solopreneur since 1999.

In 2000, I bought a failing brick and mortar pizzeria named Pizza King in France (it was almost closing its doors), and turned it into a highly profitable six-figure business with hundreds of loyal and happy customers. I then sold it a year later for even more profits, and then, I moved to Dubai with my wife.

My Pizza Business

My first business success

The two main reasons for my success with my pizzeria (Pizza King): Focusing on quality from day one, and developing a strong and solid relationship with my customers

I've replicated what I've been doing offline on the Internet, and I made six figures.

Over the years, I've learned priceless business lessons from two seven figure online businessmen.

I also have a college degree in commercialization strategies, but it's nothing compared to the business lessons I've learned from my mentors and from being in the trenches running my businesses.

Lastly, since 2008, I help beginners - online and offline - getting their blog off the ground with my blogs, courses and coaching programs.

Below, you can read more about how I got started online if you wish  (in the longer version of my backstory for those who want to learn more about me), but for now, let's talk about what's in it for you.

Why I created this blog?

I'm on a mission to build a tribe of 1000 people around Blogging Leap. All building and growing their blogs thanks to the help, advice, and guidance they receive at Blogging Leap...

And for three other reasons.

First, as with pencak, ju-jitsu, Muay-Thai, pullups, pushups and mountain bike, blog marketing is now "part of my DNA". I really thought I'd be able to quit and do something else offline (I did), but I just can't.

I must admit that I love online marketing and blogging for profits.

I also love helping others getting off the ground and creating their own business.

Second, my offline friends always come to me and ask me questions about starting an online business and what they should do. I decided to create this blog to teach them exactly what they should do to start and grow their online business.

Third, recently, I told myself: Is it reasonable to have all that knowledge, skills and experience... and my kids don't profit from it when I'm gone?

No way! 

And frankly, that would be one of most stupid things I've done in my life! So when my time is over, I really hope they'll profit from that online business asset. Today, I'm teaching them how to start a blog, driving traffic and monetizing it, and I'm happy to say they are doing very well.

How will you learn at blogging Leap?

You have three different ways to learn at blogging LEAP.

First, on the blog, you have access to free step-by-step in-depth tutorials taking you from where you are now to running a seasoned blog business.

Second, the newsletter. When you join the community you'll get even more guidance and help.

Third, my products and coaching. I literally take you by the hand, review and grade your work. It's more a DWY (Done With You) kind of training. This is as personalized as it can get, and my student - online and offline - get the best results at that level.

What's the next step?

I suggest you start reading my free blog posts, and if you like what you see, just sign up to my free 14 Day Blogging Bootcamp.

I hope that when you see the value you receive, you'll upgrade to my advanced programs and coaching.

Sound fair?

Now, if you'd like to read even more About me...

Hey, it's Franck Silvestre, the Body Guard Marketer from "La Guadeloupe", a beautiful island in the Caribbean Sea, near Trinidad & Tobago.

La Guadeloupe - My Country

My Beautiful Island in the Caribbean sea... La Guadeloupe

Yeah, I'm a former bodyguard, martial artist (fighter) and self-defense expert, member of the International Baffalo Protection (IBP), I've protected many top models and celebrities like Michael Jordan (and the Dream Team when they played in France in the nineties), Thierry Mugler (Angel), and many others.

I practice Pencak Silat, Ju-Jitsu, Seibukan Shorin Ryu, MMA, I did a bit of everything like Capoeira, Taekwondo, Aikido Yoshinkan style and more.

I have traveled to more than 20 countries, from New York to South Thailand: France (born and raised there), La Guadeloupe (my HQ), Belgium, England, Spain, Portugal, Senegal, Sudan, Morocco, Egypt, Dubai, Holland, Germany, Thailand, and Italia to name a few.

I also speak French, English, Spanish, Arabic, and Creole. I'm fluent in all these languages. I can communicate with almost anyone on this planet. I love traveling, meeting new people, discover new cultures... and taste their new foods!

I strongly believe that traveling open your mind and make you a better person.

The Backstory...

Back in 2000 –time goes by so quickly- I bought a failing pizzeria in France, turned it into a highly profitable six-figure business with hundreds of loyal and happy customers. A year later I decided to sell it for a nice profit.

To make a long story short, the same year, I got married, stopped my bodyguard ‘career’ and all my dangerous activities, because now I had a wife, and I said to myself that I needed to stay alive!

I sold the business and everything I owned in France.

Next, in 2001, I 'retired' with my wife and 'soon to be born girl' in a 'religious retreat' in Dubai. I was in my twenties at the time.

I was enjoying life (living on my economies) and I never invested in anything. Big mistake! I learned the hard way that you need to invest if you don't want to see your hard earned money disappear.

So a couple of years later, I'm in Dubai, with my wife, two kids and way less money than when I came.

Since I didn't know how and where to invest in Dubai (there was almost no expats there at the time, and I didn't know who I could trust), I started to work as a P.E. teacher to stop the "leaking".

How my Internet journey started...

In December 2005, I was sitting at home, thinking about business, and I remembered my aunt Sisi. In the nineties, she used to live in Canada, and when she came back in France, I heard her telling my mother that she could live an entire year without going out, just buying stuff from home.

I was like: "hmm"... I rushed to the computer and typed “make money online” (and also in French “comment gagner de l’argent sur Internet”), and everything started from there.

I first stumbled upon paid surveys and paid to read/click stuff... But I was making less than $1 a day, not exactly what I was searching for, but I was getting closer...

A few days later, I made my first $5 a day (clicking on ads like a mad).

I realized that if I was able to make five dollars, I could make ten, then twenty.

I was so excited about the idea of making money from my computer that I couldn't quit my desktop...

I remember sitting in front of my computer at 6.00 AM and leaving at 12.00 PM. I’m serious, I did this for weeks… without any money to show for that. It was really weird… Plus with my wife wondering what the heck I was doing, it was not easy to handle…

I even remember buying a program named "Your first quick $100" from a guy living I don't know where through western union. It was just a couple of bucks. I was desperate to make this work. 

Forex Trading...

I continued my online quest, and after thinking deeply about all this, I decided that I was going to trade in the foreign exchange market. I made some money in the stock market in the nineties, so I thought I could replicate that with the Forex...

I subscribed to a couple of Forex newsletters. One of them was very good, brilliant. I mean step-by-step, A-Z and nothing left out. I followed every single lesson and started to trade on a demo platform, until one day...

The site owner sent an email announcing his 'Allstars Alumni' Coaching Program. He promised us to teach us something even better than Forex trading.

To keep it short, the owner was a top online marketer, he owned several successful websites in various niches. It was the pre-launch of his Alumni program where he would teach affiliate marketing to a selected group of 72 people.

Man, that was crazy, every time he'd send an email I would read it right away, and then, I'd just wait for the next one. On launch day, the price came up: $197.

I had to take care of my family, and that was a lot of money.

Anyway, I managed to get in at no cost. How? I sent him an email and I made him an offer he couldn't refuse. I told him I was going to promote all his websites. I mean writing dozens of articles, blog posts and press releases with backlinks to his website in the author bio (I actually read that before, and he talked a lot about that in the pre-launch).

All the money he was going to make from my efforts was worth way more than $197. In fact, my promotion probably made him several thousands of dollars.

Anyway, I finally got in, and I must say that the training was more than awesome. We learned very good stuff like email marketing, Google PPC and advanced content marketing strategies and techniques.

At the time, it was super advanced stuff.

And it was crazy too. We had access to a private forum where he would give us assignments for the week. Anyone who submitted his homework after the due date was dropped from the program.

Making Money with Affiliate Marketing...

It was slow at first, but after a couple of weeks, I finally made my first affiliate commission: $250 in a single day!

I remember login in and off my affiliate account more than three times to make sure it wasn't a mistake. I couldn't believe it.

I made many more affiliate commissions after that one in the Forex niche, and I also had several sub-affiliates earning money under me as well.


Money really started to roll in my affiliate account, but that "Coach" never paid us our commissions. He was a real scam. He just scammed those of us who had made it this far, closed our accounts and disappeared!

I moved on and went ahead. The truth is that the online marketing technique and strategy this dude taught us were pure gold, and they still make me money today.

So now we are in 2007, I learned from an expert, and I made a few hundred dollars (or a few thousands)...that I'll never see.

After the 'Allstars Coaching", I lost sight for a couple of months. I tried many different things with no results. I had no focus, and I was stuck in information overload reading and watching videos from gurus like the Rich Jerk and others...

Until I got a second coach (not a scammer this time). He was an underground super affiliate making $100,000 a month on Google Adwords promoting over people products. Plus He owned several successful 7 figure companies in various markets: language learning, dog training, and many other lucrative markets.

I got into his membership with personal coaching. I learn a ton. He made a video review of one of my affiliate websites and told me exactly what I needed change to make a consistent monthly income. 

I followed his advice, and just a few days later, I started to make money consistently. I went from $300/month, to $500, then $1000/month with affiliate marketing.

I was promoting several affiliate websites in various niches: Forex, self-help, learn French, learn Spanish, fitness, solar energy, and others.

I started to teach affiliate marketing and blogging by accident...

Offline: Many of my friends were wondering what I was doing for a living. Every single time I was asked that question, I'd sit with him at home in a cyber café, then I'd log in Aweber and send an email.  The next day, I'd show him my affiliate account with the money earned for that email.

They were like: "Wow, that's crazy. How can you do that!? and how can I do that as well?"

I would then explain to him how I do it. 


My First Membership Site...Teaching Blogging & Affiliate marketing in 2008

I also had an affiliate marketing tutorial website which initially was a journal documenting my journey as an affiliate. I was giving online marketing and affiliate marketing advice, but my most successful blog posts were my case studies...

I was just teaching what I was doing. I received many unsolicited testimonials like this one:

Hi Franck,

Just a quick note to express appreciation for your generosity in sharing these most valuable techniques for newbies like myself. There is so much fluff and filler out there on the topic of SEO, but you get right to the point. At this moment I am currently going all out to apply these techniques and hope to report positive results shortly. Thanks again and may you continue to have all the success you deserve!

Your Success Is Waiting,

Fernando Morales

"The third part of your Forex Case Study has just blown up my mind..."

Hey Franck,

"You are just amazing. I am a member of your Affiliate Mentor Club.

For the last two months, I have been keenly following your course and reading all the valuable pdfs you send us.

The third part of your Forex Case study has just blown up my mind. It is incredible to watch you take this simple website to make a $400 plus profit in Feb just by utilizing the power of articles !

Simply amazing !

Franck, this case study has inspired me to a new level. Thanks for showing me and others the step-by-step plan.

There is nothing more interesting (and often very rare) to watch someone executing a real life plan and showing the results.

I have written all these things to you because unlike many other gurus who appears very alien, you appears to be a somewhat more human, more real to me. In fact you never claim yourself to be guru.

I considered you a real mentor, an elder brother. I love you simplicity and your style of explaining."

Thanks again.


(APM Club member)

I started to get a LOT of traffic and subscribers.

When my second mentor, Mark launched his affiliate marketing product, I promoted it and became one of his top 10 affiliates (among hundreds).

As my list reached 3000+ subscribers, my name started to appear on JV leaderboards for launches alongside with gurus with lists twenty times bigger than mine...

This is when I realized that I was onto something BIG...

This is a copy of the original JV email. You can click on the image to enlarge.

All the names above were well known in the online marketing world...except mine!

Around that time, I created and launched my first ebook: "The Ultimate Niche Market Research Trick" at $7 and sold around 200 copies in a couple of days. 

I was hooked!

In August 2007, I wrote and launched my best seller SEO/blogging ebook "SEO Seduction Secrets". I know, I know, the name is weird. I came up with the name "Seduction" because of my blogs astonishing results in Google. 

I used to get a Google first page in just hours, and sometimes in minutes with my blogging strategy. That was Powerful.

On launch day, I sold 159 copies in just a few hours!

I couldn't believe it, orders were pouring in as it was raining in my inbox.

It was one my most crazy days online. In fact, I was accepting payments with Paypal, but THAT day, there was a glitch in the system. Buyers were not redirected to my buyers email list.

It was really insane...

I received hundreds of emails from buyers asking about their download links.

I was sending everything with my personal email, opening 10 messages at a time, copying and pasting the thank you email with the download links, then sending. At the same time, I was replying to new buyers to tell them that the download links were on the way.

At some point, my fingers were hurting.

Happily, people were stunned by the quality of the content, and sweet testimonials were coming in, every single customer was happy with his purchase.

"I've just bought your ebook. I must say that I'm blown away"

Hey Franck,
I've just bought your ebook. I must say that I'm blown away.


In Google conquest, Alex Goad talks about the "sniper method", but without giving all the details you give in your ebook.
You seem to be a honest person in a marketplace where it's not always the case, and I really appreciate that. I will combine your techniques with what I learned from Google Conquest and see the results I get.  
I'll let you know about my results, of course. Thanks again for your program...


Happy "SEO Seduction Secret" Customer

By the way, if you recall, Alex Goad is on the top 10 leaderboard in the picture above. 

I noticed something very interesting...

Gurus were buying my product!

As I was manually sending the download links, I immediately noticed one of the biggest and most respected Internet gurus. Then another, and another.

Top online marketing gurus became my customers!! I couldn't believe it.

But imagine my surprise when a couple of days later, I logged in my inbox and received an email from one of them.

I was like... WHAT?

I've done what I believe (today) to be a big mistake, see for yourself...

I immediately opened that mysterious email. In fact the guru wanted to hire me to rank his blogs and website! I refused right away (after all, I didn't come on the Internet to work for someone else)!

Another guru contacted me (and a second mistake)!

Another guru sent me a private message in a big Internet marketing forum and asked me to buy exclusive rights to my SEO/Blogging ebook to sell it under his name. I also refused.

This is how it got all started, in a nutshell.

In 2011, I got top rankings for hundreds of profitable keywords and created highly lucrative sales funnels. I became an expert in article marketing, wrote dozens of ebooks, created two successful membership sites and helped hundreds of students to start their online business on the right foundations. I built a list of 5000 subscribers and finally, my business reached six figures in revenue.

I decided to sell my all my websites to build another bigger online business.

But the unexpected happened!

Google changed their algorithms that year, and all my blogs and websites lost their rankings. They dropped from Google first page.

It was a hard slap, but with my SEO knowledge and experience, it wasn't a big issue. All I needed to do was starting over. And I had a few thousand subscribers across all my sites. That was great.

I couldn't sell my websites anymore though.

At some point, I became tired of constantly monitoring algorithms changes, and I also realized that a large part of my online business was at the mercy of Google.


And to make thing even worst, the very same year, as I was recovering from the drop in rankings, my two main money blogs were hacked, resulting in a 70% loss in monthly income overnight.

I decided to close my 'Affiliate Profit Mentor' membership site and in 2012, I didn't renew my domains, and I took a break from online marketing.

I decided that I was not coming back, and I was too busy offline anyway.

While I was offline, I made money with local businesses, helping clients build and launch their website. I was also coaching and helping people getting started online, as always.

In 2014, I came back online, I was coaching, and I also teamed up with a friend. In fact, I was helping him build his business. I taught him how to build a list of subscribers and how to promote his own offers and affiliates.

Finally, in 2016, I took another "offline" break...

And recently, I came back online, for the four reasons outlined earlier on this page.

Thank you for reading my story, I really appreciate that.

Franck Silvestre

The 'Body Guard" marketer.